Remote proctoring solutions

Faculty can implement the use of the proctoring tools below to help preserve academic integrity while students complete assessments. 

Note that Respondus can be used by all ASU students and faculty for online or immersion courses. Honorlock should be reserved for high-stakes assessments in online courses due to its higher cost. 

Contact with questions or support requests. 

Respondus Lockdown Browser: low or high stakes assessments

When installed on students' computers and launched, this browser prohibits users from accessing any other portion of their computer other than the Learning Management System (e.g. Canvas). Exams are set up to be password protected instructors can set the program to use the student's webcam to record them as they take the exam.

Honorlock: high stakes assessments only (iCourses and oCourses)

When installed on students' computers and launched, Honorlock not only locks the student into their exam but also proctors the test-taker and their screen as they're in the exam. Suspicious behaviors are flagged, interrupted by a live proctor if needed, and any concerning rule violations are delivered to the instructor. This tool is only for iCourses and oCourses.

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