ASU resources for video lectures

Tips and tricks

Tips and Tricks for Creating Accessible Video Lectures: ASU TeachOnline article that gives how-tos for making videos that meet all learners' needs, including using captioning, verbally describing images you show on slides, and more. 

Branded Google slides templates

This Google Slides template can be used as a template, and it also lists video lecture best-practices and resources in the speaker notes.

Alternatively, use the ASU Brandguide Google slides template: 

ASU Online media studios

Media studios for ASU Online courses: Studios are run by EdPlus video and audio specialists to serve faculty teaching oCourses in fully-online programs. Make an appointments, get tips, and watch example videos on this website.

Video recording tools

Screenpal - for all ASU staff, faculty, and students

ScreenPal (formerly Screencast-o-matic, or SOM) is a screen recording tool available for ASU faculty, staff, and students. Quickly create and edit videos from your computer with the option of recording yourself, your screen, or both. 

Zoom and Youtube

Zoom resources: Use your ASU Zoom account to record web-based interviews. Upload the recording to MediaPlus or YouTube.

Create videos using YouTube and post to Canvas 

Video streaming services

MediaPlus - for immersion and iCourses

ASU uses MediaPlus as their video hosting service for immersion, hybrid, and iCourses. You may upload videos you've recorded to this platform, and it generates links or embed codes you can use to display your videos in Canvas. MediaPlus also has a Canvas integration built into the text/ content editor of your courses, so you can embed videos directly into Canvas from MediaPlus. MediaPlus provides computer-generated captions that require instructor editing.

Wistia -  for ASU Online courses

ASU Online uses Wistia as their video hosting service (an alternative to MediaPlus) for oCourses (courses in fully online programs). Media specialists record videos in the ASU Online studios and upload them to Wistia, which you or your ASU Online Instructional Designer can embed in your Canvas courses. For captioning in Wistia, see 

Computer video recording best practices infographic

audio video best practices