Academic Integrity in The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Your first stop for researching ASU policies on academic honesty should be the Academic Integrity website from the ASU Office of the University Provost, or The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Academic Integrity website. Here you’ll find a number of resources for faculty and students, including the ASU Student Academic Integrity Policy and a series of guides designed to help students avoid integrity violations.

The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences Academic Integrity Officer (AIO)

Kaylen Cons, Senior Director of Curriculum and Academic Affairs in The College Dean's Office, is the AIO of The College. She serves as the lead educator for faculty and students to sustain a culture of academic integrity at ASU and to increase awareness of the university's academic integrity policy.

Both students and faculty can contact Kaylen to report an academic integrity violation or to ask questions related to academic integrity policies and procedures.

Academic Integrity syllabus language

Faculty should set expectations for academic integrity by including the policy language in their syllabi.

See the Academic Integrity sections in the below resources:

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Academic Integrity for test-taking