Browse the categories below to find tools that might help students reach the learning goals you've set.  

Faculty interested in trying out a new learning tool in their courses should contact the head of Instructional Design and Learning Technology in The College Dean's Office, Kena Ray:

Faculty and students who need help with course technology can call the ASU Experience Center 24/7/365, at 855-278-5080.

Approved ASU-wide (enterprise) learning tools

Check this spreadsheet for tools currently available in Canvas, including current pilots. See the subaccount column to determine whether the tool is available for your course: 

 Canvas Learning Tool Integrations Airtable (faculty view).

Faculty teaching for The College who have questions about learning tools are encouraged to contact their unit leadership, Instructional Designer, and/or Kena Ray in the Dean's Office.

Onboarding New Learning Tools

Interested in using a new tool in Canvas?

If the tool you'd like to use isn't listed here: Canvas Learning Tool Integrations Airtable (faculty view), check with your Instructional Designer and/or Kena to proceed with the below steps. Faculty must engage with the Online and Digital Innovation team in the Dean's Office before incorporating any new tools into their courses. 

Tool Pilot Approvals and Processes

In considering learning technologies, The College Dean's Office aims to maximize benefits to students while minimizing student costs, as well as ensure that learning tools align with program pedagogy and broader technology initiatives.

We oversee and facilitate the approval and onboarding of new technologies by collaborating closely with faculty, deans, school directors, the LMS team, and vendors.

Additionally, we work with faculty to gather pilot data using risk assessment rubrics and student surveys.

See The College Dean's Office Process for Tool Adoption.

Contact Kena to begin this process. 

Security Reviews (VITRA)

Before initiating the security review/VITRA process, faculty should request approval from their school chair/director, then and connect with Kena for vetting and proceeding with the tool adoption process linked above. 

A security review is just one step of several robust processes in getting new course technologies approved. Kena and the Security Specialist in the Dean's Office, Michael Gulli, engage with Enterprise Technology's IT Risk Assessments group, which safeguards ASU faculty and student data before installing any tools in the ASU ecosystem such as Canvas. See this page for Vendor IT Risk Assessment information:

Paying for tools

If a tool or resource isn't adopted at the enterprise level for ASU-wide use, academic units or departments hold the responsibility of funding and contracting course-related resources, which would need to be worked into their annual budgets. The College Dean’s Office does not fund instructional tools and technologies, but Kena helps guide conversations and license/cost negotiations between faculty, administration/leadership, vendors, the ASU bookstore if applicable, Enterprise Technology, and the Provost Office.

The College Dean's Office policy on student-pay tools

Only tools that provide learning content, such as textbooks and eBooks, are approved for student-pay use. All other non-enterprise tools must be paid for by the academic unit (or in rare cases, in partnership with EdPlus: see Gradescope and Peerceptiv in the ASU Online section, below).

Further, students should not pay for facilitation or course administration tools--should faculty use these tools, the unit should fund them. For example, Packback is not approved for student-pay as it is a tool that helps faculty provide writing feedback at scale. 

Exceptions to this policy must be requested through unit leadership and the Dean's Office. Contact Kena to get started.

EdPlus tools for Online courses

EdPlus ASU Online has a set of tools, Peerceptiv and Gradescope, available to use on a per-request basis. EdPlus will pay for half of the cost of the license and faculty are responsible for securing funding from your academic academic unit. Before requesting the use of these tools, speak with your unit leadership and Kena in the Dean's Office.

Gradescope is an online platform designed to streamline and automate the grading process for educators, allowing for efficient grading of assignments and providing detailed feedback to students.

Peerceptiv is a collaborative learning platform that facilitates peer assessment and feedback to enhance student engagement and improve critical thinking skills.

Contact Kena and/or for more information about these tools.