Academic Integrity and Artificial Intelligence/ChatGPT

The use of Artificial Intelligence in courses

The College Dean's Office encourages academic units and/or faculty to determine whether student use of generative AI/ChatGPT in their courses is permitted or prohibited, and to state this and any parameters in your syllabi, announcements, and assignment instructions. See this page for more information and recommended syllabi language:

At the very basic level, we recommend faculty ensure their syllabi include the ASU Academic Integrity policy, including copyright and plagiarism verbiage. The use of Generative AI/ChatGPT falls within these policies and processes. 

Further, we encourage faculty to state in syllabi, assignment instructions, etc., whether the use of AI/ChatGPT is permitted or prohibited (and to check with their unit leadership if needed).

Faculty should emphasize that students must cite any borrowed content sources to comply with all applicable citation guidelines and copyright law and avoid plagiarism. Simply put, if students use generative AI, they should cite it: How to Cite ChatGPT in APA format.

Students and faculty should also ensure any AI-generated citations are correct, as ChatGPT is notorious for listing nonsensical, or "hallucinatory" citations.

Find academic integrity resources here:

AI Detection software

ASU administration has not recommended any specific tools or apps to detect the use of AI in coursework. The accuracy of AI detection tools is not reliable; any results from these tools should be used for nothing more than a starting point for a conversation between faculty and the student whose work is in question. Suspected use of Generative AI in coursework is not sufficient evidence to begin a formal Academic Integrity investigation. Instead, we recommend faculty document their expectations early and often, and have open dialogs with students about the implications and responsible use of Generative AI in coursework and academia. 

Questions about the use of AI in courses?

Connect with Assoc. Dean Paul LePore, The College's Academic Integrity Officer, for questions about potential academic integrity violations concerning Artificial Intelligence. 

Connect with Kena Ray, The College's Assistant Director of Instructional Design and Learning Technology, for course design best practices in the age of Artificial Intelligence.