Teach with Zoom

We recommend instructors use Zoom for active learning, which supports the flipped-classroom approach. Rather than lecturing during your synchronous time, consider recording your lectures so that they are available anytime anywhere, and using your time with students for leading discussions, peer collaboration, group work via breakout rooms, and so on.

Here are the recommended resources for using Zoom for teaching ASU Sync. 

Teach in Zoom + on-campus concurrently

Teaching a Sync Class 1 Pager  Quick basics of of teaching on-campus and on Zoom simultaneously

Toolkit: Manage a Sync Classroom An ASU Sync course balances both remote and in-person participation. Learn strategies, technologies, and logistics for managing the Sync classroom.

Learn about Zoom (general)

https://uto.asu.edu/zoom-teaching - read this guide for zoom basics and teaching best-practices

Pre-fight zoom checklist - prepare to host zoom sessions using this checklist

Welcome slide template - use this intro slide when hosting zoom sessions (tips and etiquette for attendees) 

ASU zoom remote teaching FAQ - see answers to common instructor questions

Best practices for zoom classroom management - this PDF was put togther by UTO and Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

Record a lecture using Zoom and upload it to Youtube 


Invite students to your zoom meeting

After you've accessed your ASU zoom account for the first time, students should see an “Attend Remotely” button on their course schedule on their myasu page. The button links directly to your personal zoom meeting room, eliminating the need to invite students.

What is my personal meeting room link?

Alternatively, you may find and send your personal zoom meeting room on your MyASU page; see https://uto.asu.edu/zoom-flyer. You may share your personal meeting room with your students via email or Canvas announcements. You may need to remind students to join the zoom session during your regular class time.