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Preserving academic integrity

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Arizona State University is an institution that places a high emphasis on values and ethics. As a member of the ASU community, you have a duty to uphold the standards of excellence that compromise the New American University. Among these standards is the notion of academic integrity.

Academic Integrity simply involves students making the right decisions to earn and preserve their achievements in the classroom. It involves being a great leader and exemplary member of the ASU family. All individuals, regardless of their role within the community, are expected to act with the fullest integrity in regards to their educational endeavors.

For more on Academic Integrity, visit the Office of the University Provost website.

Proctoring solutions

Respondus Lockdown Browser

When launched, this browser prohibits users from accessing any other portion of their computer other than the Learning Management System (e.g. Canvas). Exams are set up to be password protected instructors can set the program to use the student's webcam to record them as they take the exam. [More Info]

Remote Proctor Now (RPNow)

This software not only locks the student into their exam but also records the test taker and their screen as they're in the exam. The recordings are sent to RPNow's parent company, reviewed, and then delivered to the instructor with any concerning rule violations. This tool is only for iCourses and oCourses and will not review every single exam a student takes. Visit the overview page for more information.


Best practices for online courses

If your course uses online proctoring solutions, here are some best practices you can put in place to ensure students have a seamless experience when it comes time for their high-stakes exams. View the best practices guide for online proctoring.

See this page for Academic Integrity resources.