ASU Sync Classrooms

In Fall 2020, campus immersion instructors with fewer than 100 students will teach in their designated classrooms at the time and duration indicated on the course schedule (unless they have made alternative arrangements with their department leadership). Some students will attend remotely via Zoom, and some students will attend on campus.

How will your classroom be set up for this? Find the Zoom capability of your classrooms on this spreadsheet: 

If you teach within The College and your classrooms aren't on these lists, or if you have urgent questions about anything ASU Sync related, please email Gemma Garcia

If you have general, non-urgent questions about classrooms, please email 

Sync Classroom Technology Resources

  • Sync Classroom Checklists: These checklists guide instructors through using Sync classroom technology: what to do before class, queuing up the equipment, managing Zoom, and ending class. Note. These were created by ASU's Watts College, so the instructional design support contact information at the bottom of each checklist doesn't apply to those in The College. If you teach for The College and need ID assistance, contact Kena Ray
  • TA training: ASU Sync Type C Support Guide - student workers created this guide to teach their peers. It may be helpful to share with TAs and instructors using C Kits.
  • Sync Classroom orientation trainings: - scroll down to see classroom orientation registration links for A, B, and C classrooms (remote and on-campus)
  • Trainings for various teaching technologies: Teaching Tools - Orientation Dates 

More info on ASU Sync classrooms